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We are happy to see you here

Welcome to FeLAÁ Boutique, the hub of style and self-efficacy, featuring a bridge collection of proudly handmade designs, and carefully sourced, and curated, styles.

FeLAÁ Boutique Café


Beauty Party at FeLAÁ Boutique

When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you play good and WIN at life, work, public, and private spaces. Our mission is to help accentuate and enhance the beauty that is You with Mary Kay's pioneering Skin Care lines and products. By way of virtual meetups, informative and illustrative content, sampling, and consultations, we will be of service to you and work together with you to bring out your inner edge and express your beauty in a way only you can. Let's Begin!

Safe and Open-Minded

We are apolitical at FeLAA Boutique. Music is our culture and we'd love to share our fine culture with you! Shop our tees and masks